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Operations Group

Our water group works hand in hand with our operations staff. Cornwell Engineering Group employs licensed operators who provide the “operational perspectives” to staff to ensure that our projects are user friendly. Our operational staff has acted as “operator in responsible charge” of some of the largest water treatment plants in the Country, and has a wealth of system startup experience. Cornwell Engineering Group has subbed out its operators to other firms to help them get new design projects up and running.

Our operators are former Utility employees and they work with you on our projects by becoming a temporary staff member for you. This helps them represent your needs to the Cornwell engineers so that you get the product you need.

Some of our operations capabilities include:

  • Operator Training
  • Technical Plant Supervision
  • Facility and Regulatory Audits
  • Jar Testing
  • SOP Production
  • Filter Inspections and Rehabilitation
  • On-call and Emergency Response