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Research Group

Our research group also conducts research for EPA and private industry. This research group keeps our staff at the forefront of the latest technologies and helps establish us as a national leader in water treatment.

Cornwell Engineering Group is a leading contributor of scientific knowledge from several research studies conducted in the past 20 years. In this time period, Cornwell Engineering Group has been awarded more than 20 AwwaRF funded projects, about a dozen AWWA WITAF funded projects for the AWWA Office of Government Affairs, and several USEPA funded projects. Cornwell personnel have completed hundreds of peer-reviewed national publications, peer-reviewed journal articles, technical presentations at national conferences and workshops, conducted training courses suitable for continuing education unit (CEU) and contact hour credits for operators and engineers, and were members or chair/co-chair of at least a dozen national AWWA and AwwaRF committees or local AWWA section committees.

Residuals Research

Cornwell Engineering Group is extremely active in national residuals committees. Our personnel have served on the AWWA Research Foundation Residuals Management Committee for well over a decade, including several chair positions. In total, Cornwell Engineering Group has published and presented over 65 expert papers on residuals management. AWWA Research Foundation documents specifically focusing on water residuals prepared by Cornwell staff include:

  • Handbook of Practice: Water Treatment Plant Waste Management
  • Water Plant Sludge Landfilling
  • Slib, Schlamm, Sludge
  • Nonmechanical Dewatering of Water Plant Residuals
  • Impacts of Recycle Streams on Finished Water
  • Characterization of GAC Wastes
  • Treatment Methods for Giardia and Cryptosporidium from Spent Filter Backwash Water
  • Marketing Water Treatment Plant Residuals
  • Treatment Options for Removal of Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Other Contaminants from Recycled Backwash Water
  • Treatment of Arsenic Residuals from Drinking Water Removal Processes
  • Treatment of MF and UF Residuals for Removal of Cryptosporidium, Viruses, and Other Contaminants Prior to Recycle
  • Treatment Disposal of Waste Resulting from Arsenic Removal Processes

Cornwell personnel also served as one of three consultants to the National Drinking Water Advisory Council (NDWAC) in 2001 on developing national costs for a lowered arsenic MCL. This work focussed on residuals quantities and disposal costs for all arsenic removal technologies.