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Cornwell Engineering Group is considered a national leader in water treatment plant residuals management. Our specialized expertise encompasses all aspects of residuals management including master planning, pilot testing, facility design, beneficial use, disposal, process evaluation, and research. We have successfully completed residuals projects for over 60 water treatment plants ranging in size from 1 to 500 mgd. The enclosed table summarizes some of the locations where we have performed detailed residuals studies and designs. Cornwell personnel worked with AWWA in evaluating and negotiating the water treatment residuals discharge rules pending in September 2007.

Cornwell Engineering Group has received national recognition for work on the evaluation, planning, design, optimization and operation of residuals processing facilities. This recognition is summarized below:

  • Started the AWWA Residuals Research Committee and three of our personnel have served as chair
  • Started the Joint AWWA/WEF Residuals / Biosolids Conference and our personnel have chaired three such conferences
  • Conducted over 15-AwwaRF residuals research contracts
  • Wrote the 1987 and 2006 books for AWWA/AwwaRF titled “Water Treatment Residuals Engineering”
  • Wrote the Residuals Chapter in AWWA’s Water, Quality and Treatment book

Developed many of the residuals evaluation and design processes widely used by major consultants including:

    Quantification calculation procedures
  • Dewatering pilot/scale-up procedures
  • Thickening solids loading and hydraulic loading rates
  • SFBW EQ and treatment procedures
  • Sand bed design procedures
  • Development of many beneficial use options

We have applied this knowledge by working for some of the largest utilities in the U.S. on residuals issues, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Denver, Phoenix, and Charlotte. In addition, Cornwell Engineering Group completed the Morgan Residuals Plan in 2000, providing us with first-hand knowledge of the issues.