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Residuals Costing Tool

The Residuals Costing Tool was implemented as a macro-based program using Microsoft Excel and is comprised of three separate modules: a residuals minimization technique evaluation module, a residuals treatment process sizing and costing module, and a beneficial reuse option evaluation module. Conceptually these modules are linked through the process that utilities may use to deal with residuals; the first module presents methods of minimizing the amount of residuals generated, the second module assists with sizing and costing processes to treat the remaining residuals, and the third module presents options for beneficially reusing the treated residuals. Depending on the utility, there may only be only one or two modules that are applicable to their plant's circumstances, or all three modules may be of interest. Particularly for the sizing and costing module, it is important to input accurate information regarding plant flow and daily solids production.

The tool is available for use from the WaterRF website:

Residuals Costing Tool Download