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Water Services

Cornwell Engineering Group was founded on a firm belief in the use of treatability studies to establish design criteria for producing a safe and economical potable water. Cornwell's water group has unmatched qualifications in the testing of conventional and innovative water treatment processes. In fact, Cornwell Engineering Group was awarded the American Consulting Engineering Council's top award for engineering excellence for the testing and implementation of the first alum recovery facility in the U.S. located at Durham, NC. Cornwell Engineering Group is the only "small" firm to have won the engineering excellence award. Many of our firm's evaluation techniques have become adopted as industry standards:

  • Cornwell personnel developed the now widely accepted "Gator Jar" technique for jar testing.
  • Cornwell  personnel developed the RSSCT modification to evaluate GAC's hazardous properties when treating SOCs and pesticides.
  • Cornwell's work on recycle issues has led the industry in proper handling techniques.
  • Cornwell  developed the sludge mass balance calculations that are now widely used by the industry to predict residuals quantification.
  • Cornwell  residuals management expertise is internationally recognized.
  • Cornwell  development of modular pilot plant components that are now widely utilized.
  • Cornwell  personnel pioneered high rate treatment technique for spent filter backwash water.

These examples illustrate the impact that Cornwell Engineering Group has had on the profession. With Cornwell Engineering Group, our clients get this expertise first hand to help solve water quality and treatment issues.

The water design group works hand in hand with our other units, particularly the process group. We have completed many water plant rehabilitations, new process additions, as well as complete plant designs. All plants are completed using computer aided design, including the use of 3-D design to aid in utility and contractor understanding of the final project. The design group consists of specialty services including electrical, mechanical,and HVAC engineers. Finally, our water group is rounded out with our operations staff. Our operation division has personnel with the highest water operators licenses and over 20 years experience in plant operations.

Wastewater Services

Cornwell Engineering Group specializes in all aspects of wastewater engineering including the study, design, construction, and operational assistance of wastewater collection systems, pump stations, wastewater treatment works, and sludge treatment, handling, and disposal facilities. Cornwell Engineering Group and its personnel have provided engineering services for municipal and industrial wastewater systems with capacities from 0.25 to 1,250 mgd involving all aspects of wastewater engineering.

Cornwell personnel have engineered various collection technologies from conventional gravity sewers and force mains, to the more complex vacuum sewers and small diameter effluent systems.

We have designed new wastewater treatment facilities and engineered modifications to existing facilities. In addition to providing over ten years of day-to-day operational assistance to one municipal facility, Cornwell personnel have completed study, design, and construction services for trickling filters, aerated lagoons, oxidation ditches, rotating biological contractors, sequencing batch reactors, phosphorus removal facilities, chlorine contact tanks, sand filters (including air/water backwash system), wetlands treatment, digester maintenance, drying beds, odor control and disinfection equipment, and emergency power.