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Water utilities can learn much from other utilities that have similar situations. The links below will direct user to description of full- or pilot-scale studies in Colorado, Utah, or Ohio. The Colorado information includes a 1999 study to evaluate standard-rate DAF, and the 2007 study includes results from full-scale studies of the standard-rate DAF system installed as a result of the 1999 study. The Utah discussion includes pilot-scale studies conducted during this project, plus a preliminary design report (PDR) describing cost and layout estimated for each system successfully evaluated during this project, based on installation of a new building to house all required facilities. The discussion of Ohio studies includes a similar summary of pilot-scale findings and resulting PDR for retrofitting of the tested technologies into the facilities within the existing SFBW processing building.

  • Colorado - Existing Full Scale Standard Rate DAF
  • Utah
  • - Evaluating Preliminary Design and Cost Estimates for Installation of New High Rate Systems - Clari-DAF, CONTRAFAST, and Trident HSC
  • Ohio - Evaluating Preliminary Design and Cost Estimates for Retrofit with High Rate Systems - AquaDAF, Clari-DAF, and DensaDeg