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This website and the accompanying report are the products of a research project conducted by Environmental Engineering & Technology, Inc. on Innovative Applications of Treatment Processes for Spent Filter Backwash. The project was funded by the Water Research Foundation (Foundation Project No. 3114).

The website allows a user to review findings from the study, and to evaluate cost and footprint implications of high-rate SFBW treatment alternatives described in this report. The user can review descriptions and schematics for the alternative processes, including plan and profile drawings prepared by manufacturers of the different processes for sizes ranging from 150 to 5,000 gpm. The user can also review pilot study findings, drawings, cost estimates, and footprint estimates for example facilities at the two case study sites (Cleveland, OH and Orem, UT). Additional information from full-scale evaluations of standard-rate DAF are available from studies conducted in Boulder, CO.

The user can go to any of the main topic areas by clicking on links to left of page. These same links will appear on every page. After activating these links, the user will be taken to a webpage with a short discussion and most of the time will include additional links to extracts from the project report text, drawings, tables, or subsequent webpages containing additional information on the topic.