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SFBW Treatment Calculations

Enter exact GPM into textbox and hit “Submit Calculation” button, or move yellow slider box to see Cost and Footprint estimates for different SFBW flow rates (in gpm)

Cost and Footprint results are based on the assumption of two equal-sized clarification units (and associated chemical feed, etc., as needed) each designed to handle 75% of peak SFBW flow rate.

For example, if your facility needs to handle a design flow of 1,000 gpm, the user will be provided a cost and footprint for two 750 gpm systems.


Capital Cost for SFBW Treatment ($)

Footprint for SFBW "process" (ft2)

† = includes cost for rapid mix, flocculation, and clarification, and also includes ancillary processes like recycle pumps, air saturators, etc.

‡ = includes footprint for rapid mix, flocculation, and clarification, but not for ancillary equipment.

Note: Cost Data is based on 2007 dollars