The LT2ESWTR Toolbox Guidance Program is designed to aid water utilities in evaluating treatment options for LT2ESWTR compliance at their water treatment plant. The Toolbox Program guides the user through several steps for evaluation and comparison of Cryptosporidium credits associated with the LT2ESWTR.

The water plant will be assigned a bin based on the water plant's Cryptosporidium results. This can be automatically calculated using this application from user entered data. This calculation can be by-passed if the user knows Cryptosporidium results or bin assignment, or if user wants to evaluate contingency plans for a particular bin assignment.

Once the water treament plant is assigned a bin, the user can select from a list of credits from the LT2ESWTR Microbial Toolbox in order to evaluate different combinations of credits for a particular bin assignment.

Help screens, cost estimates, and additional information is provided to allow the user to evaluate whether the selected toolbox items are applicable for a particular site.

User information will not be stored and cannot be accessed or viewed by AWWA, AwwaRF, or any other user.