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 *Source Water Protection

Reduction of contaminant emissions and use of BMPs at the AFO source is a proactive and desirable solution from the perspective of the water utility because it is always beneficial to deal with contaminants at the source rather than trying to deal with them in the environment or after the drinking water intake. Water utilities can use Clean Water Act programs to help with source water protection to meet their Safe Drinking Water Act responsibilities. The Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) program can be an effective avenue for watershed pollution control, and water utilities should be proactive in any development of TMDLs in their watershed. Using TMDLs helps to provide a good scientific basis for recommending pollution reduction BMPs, and also can help to increase stakeholder involvement. Assorted funding sources , such as Clean Water Act Section 319 grant funds , are available for environmental assessment, protection, restoration and education projects.

Sources of information for planning and implementing source water protection programs include the following: