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This work was completed by Nancy McTigue of EE&T with Richard Mansfield of R.S. Mansfield Associates with the help of Nick Pizzi, David Visintainer and David Cornwell of EE&T and Kathy Molloy of Changeworks International.

Linda Reekie served as Research Project Manager.

Irwin Jankovic, PhD, Strategic Program Mgr, HR, Metropolitan Water District of S Cal

Jodi Wadel, American Water Works Company, Inc.

Marcia Isbell, Project Consultant

Joe Nattress, CH2MHill Engineering Consulting, Inc.

Participation by the following utilities was instrumental in developing the models:

Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works, Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc., Fairfax Water, Lake County Dept of Utilities, Southern Nevada Water Authority, Louisville Water Company, Milwaukee Water Works, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Saint Louis Water Division, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, American Water, Washington Aqueduct and Newport News Waterworks, Newport News, VA

Question can be addressed to nmctigue@eetinc.com or Linda Reekie at lreekie@waterrf.org